Logo Design Ownership Transfer - Floor Decor


Scope of Copyright Transfer

By signing this Copyright Transfer Form, Floorzap will be relinquishing all personal, professional, and ownership rights, to all designs detailed below.

This signed agreement also includes the Transfer of Ownership to any variations of the logo previously agreed upon and supplied as part of the initial contract.

Examples of these included variations could include: multiple color versions; size and dimensional variations: landscape and portrait; reversed out versions; social media profile images; favicon; etc.

Unless otherwise agreed and arranged, I reserve the right to showcase the finished Logo and associated designs in my portfolio, and in any number of online galleries & portfolios, as well as in printed literature including, but not limited to: books, catalogs, brochures, and magazines.

Trademark ™ & Registered Trademark ®

It is important to note that a Copyright is not the same as a Trademark or Registered Trademark. This form does not provide any Trademark ownership or protection.

If you are seeking brand protection, then applying for a Trademark is the way to go. Unfortunately, I cannot help with this process due to the complex nature of hiring a lawyer and correctly applying & registering for a Trademark.

Restrictions & Caveats

The Copyright Transfer Form does not give you permission, to use, modify, alter, replicate or borrow, any of the previous and unused: logo ideas, concepts, or sketches previously shown and presented during the course of the project.

All original preparation materials, sketches, visuals, and unused ideas are previously shown and considered and will remain the property of Zap Systems Inc, trading as: Floorzap.

I am free to use these unused ideas for future conceptual, and client work. Where a previously unused idea/design retains a similar look and style to the finished logo, I shall repurpose and style as to be sufficiently different so as not to cause conflict.

You are free to change, modify and adapt the finished Logo design as you see fit, but you do so at your own risk and at the risk of diluting, or causing confusion, over your existing Brand Identity.

Logo Example:



Ownership Transfer To:

Company Name: Floor Decor

Contact Names: Ritu Jaswal, Som Bansal

Ownership Transfer From:

Company Name : Floorzap

Contact: Nickolas Simpson

Date: June 23, 2024

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Signed by Nickolas Simpson
Signed On: May 31, 2022

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