We know that the flooring and remodeling industries are fast-paced and always evolving. Our flooring app features were designed to meet these dynamic needs and help you organize, manage and control all aspects of your flooring and remodeling business. Our flooring and remodeling software features customizable, user-friendly access to customer data management, job estimates and quotes, contractor scheduling, supply inventory and ordering and so much more. Our software was created with you in mind, and you will not find such a comprehensive and intuitive solution anywhere else. Whether your customers are ready for bathroom, kitchen, or full-home remodeling, our software will help you bring their dreams to life while easing the day-to-day administration of your flooring and remodeling business.

Flooring App Features

Customer management

Simply keep track of all your customer information in one place. 

Document Storage

Upload all business transaction documents and store them securely. 

Inventory Tracking

Conveniently keep track of all inventory and non-inventory products. 


Create accurate quotes in minutes and send digitally or print! 


Categorize invoices by multiple service options.

Contractor Scheduling

Contractors will have access to their contractor portal. 

Order Materials

Ordering materials is intuitive and seamless. 


Record and manage all payments in one place.